Statist Split in the race for Top 10

Year 2012. 3×3 sport is in the early stage of expansion. Statist Split is one of the most powerful names in the 3×3 world. After winning World Tour Masters in Madrid, team Split qualified for the World Tour Final that was held in Miami. Statist lost the final game and the main culprits for not winning the title were their Puerto Rican rivals. Team Statist completed the season ranked 2nd, although they were ranked 1st for a while.

Since then, team Statist has been resident competitor in the 3×3 world. In 2014 they made their appearance at the WT Masters Lausanne, WT Masters Debrecen in 2016, and their second aapearance in Laussane in 2017.

Season opening in Nanjing

“This year we’ll start the season earlier by appearing in Nanjing, China on April 21-22. We had received an invitation from FIBA 3×3 along with teams Novi Sad, Piran, Riga and Humpolec which are at the top of 3×3 basketball. This invitation represents a great acknowledgment and motivation for the upcoming season,” said Hrvoje Marin, a man with a hundred duties in the Split team and a media relations guy.

Marin does not conceal their ambitious season entering for which they prepare by everyday training. “The goal is to play a lot of quality tournaments and qualify for a few Wourld Tour Masters events. The main goal of the season is to try to get on the top 10 in the world. Currently we are best ranked Croatian team with 16th place in the FIBA 3×3 Team Ranking,” said Marin.

World Cup Philippines

“The most important part of the season is the World Cup that will take place 8-12 June in Manila, Philippines, and I do not need to mention in particular what an honor and pride it is to represent your own country at such competition. Preparations have already begun and we hope to be ready for the challenges that follow,” Marin added.

In addition to the previously mentioned performance at the World Tour Masters in Lauseanne last year, Statist had another 3 apearances on Challengers. They lost the final game in the Hague, they were 5th in Penang, and ended 11th at the Lipik Challenger.

We hope to participate at the Lipik Challenger 2018

“We are very excited to perform in Lipik, which is top notch and is considered one of the most competitive tournaments in the world. The warmth of the people and the hospitality are unbeatable. We are not happy with our last year’s performance because we did’t manage to get through the group phase so we hope for a better performance this season. I believe we’ll have a guaranteed spot in the domestic Challenger in Lipik. Everywhere in the rest of the world best domestic teams perform at home Challengers and this is why I hope to see you again this year in Lipik,” Marin concludes.
Photo: Petar Glebov/Pixsell