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FIBA Hall of Fame

For those who made the game

Selection Process


  • The over-riding objective of the Hall of Fame is to reflect the history of the sport. The honor may be awarded posthumously.

    The key conditions for induction to the FIBA Hall of Fame are:

    • Outstanding achievement at the international level from a personal effort or initiative
    • Having contributed to the performances as players, and coaches to the global development of basketball

    FIBA Hall of Fame inductees are divided into two categories:

    • Players
    • Coaches

    Inductees are limited to no more than six persons per class, which will occur at least every two years. At least one-half of each class will be from the player division. Players must have been retired from international competition for five years before being eligible for induction. While impossible in the short term, it is the long-term intention to achieve equity between the genders.

    FIBA recognizes the achievement of administrators with the FIBA Order of Merit and the achievements of referees with the Radomir Shaper award.

  • Nominations must be announced at least nine months before the planned date of the induction ceremony.

    National member federations, Zones, Central Board members may submit nominations. Members of the Central Board are ineligible for nomination while in office.

    The FIBA Secretary General chairs the three-person Screening Committee, appointing two other members himself. The Screening Committee carefully assesses all nominations against the general criteria and submits a list of candidates to the Honours Committee. The Screening Committee may also recommend its own nominations to the Honours Committee.

    The Honours Committee consists of three Central Board members as agreed by the Central Board. Among the list provided by the Screening Committee, the Honours Committee decides which nominees are inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame.