03 - 26
April 2024
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Round 1 of the BCL Asia will include a total of 8 teams from East and South East Asia. In Round 1, teams are divided into two groups of four according to their National Teams’ ranking in the FIBA World Ranking Men, presented by NIKE. The top teams from each group will advance to Round 2, while teams finishing second and third in each group will go head-to-head to determine the remaining two spots for Round 2. Teams advancing to Round 2 will not carry their records from Round 1.

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Event Timeline

  • 3 Apr 24 Round 1
  • 7 Apr 24 Qualification to Round 2
  • 23 Apr 24 Round 2


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FIBA Intercontinental Cup 2024

The FIBA Intercontinental Cup was introduced in 1966. The aim of the competition has always been to bring winning clubs from different continents together to compete for a prestigious title. The tournament is now an important showcase for top club teams and reflects the strength of professional basketball leagues around the world.