Lipik 3×3 Challenger among the major sporting events in Croatia

New recognition for organizers of the Lipik 3×3 Challenger has arrived from the Central State Office for Sport.

According to the decision of the highest state body responsible for the development of sports in Croatia, Lipik 3×3 Challenger is one of the 21 top sports events to be co-financed this year.

This was confirmed on Friday, March 8, by the Decision on allocation of funding to co-finance the organization of major sporting events in 2019, signed by Krešimir Šamija, State Secretary Janica Kostelić’s Deputy.

This decision grants funds totaling HRK 8.9 million, and Lipik 3×3 Challenger will be co-financed in the amount of HRK 200,000.

Some of the most prominent events that had been classified as major sporting events in 2019 along with Lipik 3×3 Challenger are “Snow Queen Trophy” – Audi Fis Ski World Cup Zagreb, ATP Croatia Open Umag, IAAF “Memorial Boris Hanžeković” Zagreb, WTA Croatia Bol Open.